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  • From CyberPunk on POSTAL Redux MULTi2
    A great shooter, blows seminal edge-fest Hatred out of water.
  • From CyberPunk on Killing Floor 2 Treacherous Skies
    This is how you make a sequel. You take everything that was good in the first game a then you upgrade it make it better.
  • From on Forza Horizon 3
    The only reason I'll give it a two rating instead of one star rating is because I actually like the content of the game,
  • From on Forza Horizon 3
    This is one of the best racing games ive ever played. But as an American i always end up on the right side of the road a
  • From on Super Bomberman R
    Controls not working. Cannot get my controller to work in this game, not matter if I use DS4Windows or if I shut it down